Would you like more DIRECT BOOKINGS for your Vacation Home Rental?

Are you sick of being held ransom to the 3rd party booking sites (and their exorbitant fees & commissions)…?

Or maybe you’re super happy with the bookings you receive through those sites but when you send your property link to someone & they make a booking you have to pay fees on what should be your direct booking.

Or the AirBnB / VRBO link you send shows OTHER PROPERTIES on YOUR property link!

Without a doubt it’s important to have a presence on 3rd party sites, however if your sole form of advertising is through these sites then it’s costing you money.

But how else do you get bookings?

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive direct bookings & not pay the exorbitant commission the 3rd party sites take?

But how…?

By being PRO-ACTIVE about marketing your vacation home instead of waiting for RE-ACTIVE bookings from the 3rd party sites.

Your Vacation Home Rental should have it’s very own website - ideally without the price tag of a custom design website!

Anyone who’s looked into getting an accomodation booking website with an availability calendar (which integrates into the 3rd party sites & updates in real time) knows that the price-tag is heftily into the thousands.

I’d like to educate you on a super cost effective way to market your property with the goal outcome to RECEIVE MORE DIRECT BOOKINGS through a payment gateway on your personalised Vacation Home Rental website.

If you’re ready to learn about how you can manage your Vacation Home Rental Property more effectively & increase your bookings & profits then I am ready to help you understand what other options you have with marketing your property.

I will show you how to get your very own property website online for a significantly smaller investment than building a custom design website, but with all the features (& more) that you will ever need to efficiently manage your Vacation Home Rental.

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Are you interested in learning how to independently market your Vacation Home Rental & receive more DIRECT BOOKINGS?

I can teach you how.

It will cost you nothing more than your time to chat with me & hear about what else you can be doing (outside of AirBnB & VRBO) to market your home for direct bookings.

PS… there’s so many things no one else is doing!